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Fiber&steel wire composite hose

Product Abstract:

Fiber&steel wire composite hose

Product Description

Fiber&steel wire composite hose


Clear Food Grade Vacuum PVC Steel Wire Reinforced Hose.
Light, transparent, with small bending radius. 

It has good adaptability under hard weather conditions and minus pressure.The hose is widely used for drawing and conveying water, oil and powder in factories, agriculture, engineering, foodstuffs and sanitation lines.
Working Temperature: -5℃~65℃
Usually we will add different materials to ensure pvc hoses work well under differnet conditions, pvc spring hoses include Spiral steel wire reinforced hose, Fiber&steel wire composite hose.
Anti-static steel wire hose, Non-rolled steel wire reinforced hose, Oil resistant steel wire hose, High/low temperature steel wire hose, Food grade steel wire hose, we can combine different performances to meet customer needs.

Item No. Nominal dimension  I.D. O.D. MAX W.P @23℃ MAX W.P @23℃
Inch mm mm bar bar
H1926F 3/4 19 26   -1 to 7 30
H2533F 1 25 33   -1 to 7 25
H3241F 1-1/4 32 41   -1 to 6 20
H3848F 1-1/2 38 48   -1 to 6 18
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